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Many people consider the concept of alimony to be outdated in todays world of individualism. However, it is true now as it has been for a very long time that in marriage, spouses give up opportunities for the sake of the new union and household.

When is Spousal Support Appropriate?

A wife may put her career on hold in order to support her husband through medical school - and then to stay at home with children for a number of years. In the unfortunate event of a marital breakdown and divorce, she is at a decided disadvantage in the working world.

A husband, likewise, may pass up promotions in order to spend more time at home - or he may build up a business which he loses participation in as a result of the divorce settlement that the couple agrees to.

The wife in the first hypothetical story and the husband in the second hypothetical story may be entitled to spousal support or alimony as part of an overall division of assets of a marriage. A spouse with a serious disability that prevents him or her from working may also be entitled to spousal support according to divorce court.

If you believe you should be entitled to alimony or if your spouse believes that she or he does, you are encouraged to discuss the totality of your financial picture with a knowledgeable Greenwich alimony attorney. Mediation may be a valuable process for determining whether alimony makes sense. Your attorney can also advise you as to what a divorce judge is likely to accept if mediation is unsuccessful.

Creative approaches to equitable distribution may in fact make alimony an attractive part of a total asset division package which also takes into consideration retirement assets, health insurance, stock options and child custody and support issues. A tax accountant can help you and your spouse determine which path will enable the two of you and your children to keep as many assets as possible out of the hands of the IRS.

Contact a Connecticut Spousal Maintenance Lawyer

Working with an attorney to help you determine spousal support is essential for the protection of your interests, whether you are the primary breadwinner or the intended recipient. I familiarize my clients with state guidelines for determining support and work to generate a family support plan in a tax-advantaged way. Contact the Law Offices of Douglas J. Wells for more information on divorce, child custody, child support, or alimony.

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