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Business Valuation/Professional Practices

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If you or your spouse owns a business in full or in part, your asset division settlement in a Connecticut divorce will need to account for the value of your business assets. You may jointly own a business that will continue to belong to both of you after the divorce. Business valuation may still be necessary in that case.

Business valuations are normally done by experts who understand the particular industry as well as economic forces in the marketplace. Physical assets, including stock, equipment and vehicles, goodwill assets, inventory, accounts payable and debts will all be taken into account in a business valuation. A skilled Greenwich business valuation attorney can apply the numbers delivered by the assets to your divorce settlement negotiations.

Business Valuations in Connecticut

Greenwich business valuation lawyer Douglas J. Wells is prepared to advise and represent you with divorce and asset protection clearly in view. Contact the law firm to schedule a consultation.

You may own all or part of any type of business, and its value will need to be defined in preparation for your divorce. This could include:

  • A small business
  • A family or closely-held business
  • A good-sized business employing 10 to 20 workers
  • A home-based business
  • A retail store or restaurant
  • A professional practice (doctor, dentist, CPA, etc.)
  • A music, dance, modeling, photography or gymnastics studio

You may also have a partnership interest in hedge funds which could be subject to business valuation. Whatever business, professional or investment assets you have, as you approach divorce will need to have a dollar value placed on them. Talk to a Connecticut business valuation attorney to schedule a consultation about equitable distribution of property, including division of assets of a business or professional practice. A Greenwich business valuation attorney is a necessary guide and advisor through this process.

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