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Child Custody

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Mediating Child Custody with a Connecticut Lawyer

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At the core of any divorce where children are present, child custody arrangements can often generate conflict. The fact that both parents want what is best for their children often helps parents to overcome the emotional challenges associated with this difficult family law problem.

The Law Offices of Douglas J. Wells, located in Greenwich, Connecticut, provides clear guidance to individuals who are attempting to navigate through the complexities involved with custody, visitation and child support issues by means of mediation. Contact me, an experienced family custody attorney, for assistance that is caring, compassionate and effective.

Connecticut Custody Dispute Lawyer

There is often confusion over the terms associated with custody: legal, joint, sole and physical. Knowing the distinctions is the first step to understanding and creating a plan that is beneficial for you and your children. It is always preferable for parents themselves to determine what a reasonable custody and visitation arrangement will be, rather than leaving it to a judge to decide.

As an experienced and dedicated Greenwich child custody attorney, I work closely with clients to help parents reach a consensus on matters related to education, medical decisions and religious preferences. Mediation is usually the best path to a satisfactory child custody schedule.

Parenting Plans

Flexibility is often at the center of parental concerns over custody and visitation. Clients of this law firm typically have concerns of great importance to them:

  • Will a schedule be imposed upon me?
  • Can my spouse and I continue to be flexible with visitation times?
  • Will I be able to take my children on a vacation?
  • Will I be able to move out of state with my children after a divorce?

At the Law Office of Douglas J. Wells, I am available to provide answers to your questions, encouraging the communication and cooperation of both parents as you craft a workable parenting plan through mediation. Contact my law offices to schedule a consultation regarding child custody, child support, or relocation issues.

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