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When there is a lot at stake personally and financially in your divorce, either in what you will gain or lose, you want the legal process handled with the knowledgeable, compassionate and meticulous care that will ensure that you are able to maintain your current lifestyle and to provide for your children.

At the Law Office of Douglas J. Wells in Greenwich, Connecticut, I have over 35 years' experience handling complex divorce cases involving substantial assets. By working closely with my clients and comprehensively addressing each aspect of their divorce case through mediation, I have garnered the trust of the legal community. Contact me today if you need legal assistance with your impending divorce.

Complex Divorce

The process of divorce may seem tricky when one or both parties possess significant assets such as stock options, pension and retirement benefits, business interests, or real estate investments. Yet often the conflict in essence is about one party, usually the breadwinner, wishing to protect his or her assets and investments, and the other wanting to ensure his or her long-term financial security.

No matter which side you fall on, the sure legal representation of an experienced lawyer is a crucial investment in protecting your financial stability. I have a comprehensive knowledge of the financial, legal, and procedural aspects of a complex divorce - I can help you.

In my family practice, I also ably provide my clients with legal assistance in the following areas:

If maintaining your current economic lifestyle hangs in the balance in your divorce case, do not hesitate. Contact the Law Office of Douglas J. Wells and schedule an initial consultation.

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