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Educational Support Orders

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For divorced or never-married parents, paying for all or part of a childs college expenses can be a source of disagreement. Educational Support Orders, as they are known in Connecticut, can require a parent to pay for all or some of a childs post-secondary educational expenses, but subject to statutory limitations provided in Connecticut General Statutes Section 46b-56c.

A lawyer can be very helpful in outlining your potential responsibilities and creating workable solutions. Attorney Douglas J. Wells can and will provide you with that guidance.

Greenwich Lawyer Handling College Cost Division Matters

Under Connecticut law, judges are required to consider many different factors before ordering a parent to pay educational expenses. Judges must look at each parents assets and income, the childs educational needs, the availability of other financial support and other factors before requiring an educational support order.

Additionally, a court can only require a parent to pay the costs for a student attending the University of Connecticut as an in-state resident. This is known as the UConn Cap. Of course, parents are free to mediate different arrangements without court intervention if they choose.

Educational Support Orders involve many different strategic considerations, depending on the age of the children when the parents divorce. If the children are in college or nearing college-age, this issue will be negotiated very carefully between parents. If the children are younger, the parents can agree that the court will retain jurisdiction over the issue if the parents are unable to agree about their payment responsibilities when the children are about to embark on their college careers. I will work closely with you in order to guide you to an effective resolution of this issue.

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