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Equitable Distribution

Greenwich Equitable Distribution Divorce Lawyer

Attorney for Property Division in Stamford, New Canaan, and Fairfield County

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A common fallacy in the minds of people approaching divorce is the idea that equitable distribution of assets will necessarily mean a 50-50 split of property. In fact, equitable means something like fair, and a 50-50 dollar division of bank accounts, real estate and other property in a marital estate does not always express fairness.

When a family law judge considers whether to accept a division of marital assets, he will take into account a number of factors beyond the actual dollar price tags that could be put on everything owned by the divorcing couple. Talk to a Greenwich equitable distribution attorney about your Connecticut divorce.

Examples of factors to consider in equitable distribution of assets are the following:

  • How much of a particular asset was premarital property?
  • Who managed or maintained the asset?
  • Was there commingling of marital property with premarital property?
  • Did one party make financial or career sacrifices in support of the others business or academic studies?
  • What alimony, if any, will be included in the divorce settlement?
  • How prepared are both parties to support themselves after the divorce is completed?
  • How should the childrens situation affect the division of the marital home? (Will the children be living there, adding weight to the argument of assigning this asset to the custodial parent?)

Divorce Asset Protection and Equitable Distribution

Taking into account these sometimes-subjective facts will often tip the balance such that the equitable distribution varies somewhat from a 50-50 division. Unique circumstances in a marriage shed light on equitable distribution of assets, including the following:

A knowledgeable divorce lawyer can guide you in divorce asset protection while helping you craft a fair and equitable asset distribution agreement.

Connecticut Marital Property Division Lawyer

Discuss financial aspects of your Connecticut divorce with an experienced Greenwich divorce attorney with ample experience handling high-asset and complex marital estate divisions. Clients of the Law Offices of Douglas J. Wells often find that mediation is a reasonable and effective means by which to achieve equitable distribution of marital property - acceptable to the divorcing couple and the divorce court. Talk to a Greenwich equitable distribution attorney by calling or emailing our law offices.

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