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Parenting Plans

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The Parenting Plan Process in Connecticut

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One of the most painful aspects of divorce is spending less time with your children. In the aftermath of a divorce, it is likely that neither parent will be able to spend as much time with his or her kids as he or she would like. In Connecticut, one of the key parts of the child custody process involves developing a parenting plan. A parenting plan process involves creating a plan that covers many different issues, including:

  • Each parents decision-making responsibilities regarding educational, medical, and religious matters and other important issues impacting the childs life
  • A custody and visitation schedule, including weekends, school vacations and holidays
  • A plan for resolving disputes that may arise after the divorce is final

A lawyer will be an important part of this process. I am attorney Douglas J. Wells of the Greenwich-based law firm, the Law Office of Douglas J. Wells. With more than three decades of legal experience, I will work closely with you to mediate a parenting plan that is in your childs best interests.

Mediation for Parenting Plans

Ideally, the parents, with a mediation attorney, can work together to create a plan that makes sense for all involved. If the parents are unable to resolve their various issues, the court may order a custody or visitation study. The court may also require the parties to work with a counselor from the Superior Courts Family Relations Office.

If parents cannot reach an agreement after these steps have been taken, the court will order a trial. At trial, a judge will decide on custody and visitation arrangements based on the best interests of the children. However, a judge can't possibly know what's better for your children than you and your spouse do, when you can each set aside your mistrust of the other.

Whenever possible, I want to help you mediate a workable parenting plan without resorting to the expense and uncertainty of trial. In the event trial is required to protect your childs best interests, I will be prepared to zealously advocate for you.

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