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Post-Judgment Modification

Connecticut Post-Judgment Modification Attorney

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greenwich post judgment modification attorney

Changes are inevitable in life. In every walk of life, work, school, and family life, one has to adjust to the unexpected, which may occur for any number of reasons. In the case of divorce, this is no exception. Economic changes, relocations, promotions, and simply the change that occurs with the passage of time, all may necessitate modification of alimony, child custody and child support, and visitation arrangements, that may have been made by a divorce court years earlier.

At the Law Office of Douglas J. Wells in Greenwich, Connecticut, through mediation I assist clients with changes requiring modification of court orders after a divorce has occurred. Contact me today to schedule an initial consultation.

Helping You Adjust to Life Changes

If you have been offered a promotion that requires a move out of state, have had a change in economic circumstances due to the loss of a job or a medical emergency, or if your children are getting older and wish to live with the non-custodial parent, you will need a lawyer to assist you in making such modifications. Connecticut law makes it difficult to move out of state with your child. Unless a previous arrangement had been made, you must seek the permission of the non-custodial parent, or file a motion with the court seeking its permission. Parents are generally better served to mediate a new modified parenting plan, rather than going to court.

If you wish to make modifications to the amount of support you pay or receive, the burden is on the ex-spouse that seeks modification to prove to the Court that there has been a substantial change of circumstances. I can help you compile the financial information necessary to meet that burden and successfully modify the previous court orders. When you visit my office, we can discuss your situation and determine the best way to proceed. I have worked successfully with numerous clients seeking post-judgment modification. Ask me how I can assist you with the following:

Contact me today to find out more information on divorce, child custody, alimony, mediation, or other matters related to family law.

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