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Stock Options/Employment Benefits

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Stocks and stock options are notoriously challenging factors in Connecticut divorce cases. How can stocks be properly valued or divided before they are cashed out? What value should be placed on stock options that are part of a total employment compensation package of one of the spouses?

The fact of the availability of the stock options does not guarantee that the person will ever exercise those options. Furthermore, full eligibility for stock options may not come about until the employee has been with a company for a number of years. At the time of the divorce, various unknowns exist:

  • Whether the employed spouse will remain with the company
  • Whether the employee will exercise those stock options
  • When those stocks will be cashed out
  • What the stocks are likely to be worth in the end

Experienced Stamford Asset Division Attorney

Stock options can result in thousands of dollars of difference between one spouses assets and the others after a divorce. Despite the unknowns, stocks and stock options need to be considered along with other intangible assets, such as retirement benefits and business goodwill valuation, in calculations and negotiations leading to an equitable distribution of property.

The Law Offices of Douglas J. Wells represents high net worth and middle class families in Connecticut divorce mediation. Through years of experience, I have developed skills and know-how that serve my clients well in reaching agreement through mediation. I am prepared to help protect your assets and your rights at every step of the way during mediation or collaborative settlement negotiation conferences.

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