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Divorce Mediation

Greenwich Divorce Mediation Lawyer

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greenwich divorce mediation lawyer

It is unfortunate for individuals going through a divorce that lawyers, the courts, and well-meaning friends focus on the more adversarial aspects. Couples are advised to secure a lawyer without considering the option of working together to settle matters such as alimony, division of retirement accounts or post-judgment modifications or taking into account issues such as the relocation of children. The spouse or ex-spouse is unnecessarily cast as an adversary.

However, many thinking and reasonable people approaching divorce prefer to concentrate on more constructive means of moving forward. Divorce mediation provides a method of collaboration in asset division and child custody negotiations.

At the Law Offices of Douglas J. Wells in Greenwich, Connecticut, I provide mediation and collaborative services to couples that wish not only to save money in attorneys fees but also prefer to keep their settlement negotiations private.

  • They are able to focus on minimizing tax consequences of divorce and promoting their childrens well being in a newly configured family.
  • They save themselves and their children from the stress and posturings involved in litigation.

Contact me today to find out how I, an accomplished Greenwich divorce mediation attorney, can assist you in finding a more amicable means of surviving your divorce.

Mediation Services

The success of any mediation rests upon its participants. You and your spouse know better than anyone else those things that matter most to your children and the material aspects of your marriage. When both parties agree to work out their differences peacefully, a great deal can be accomplished to the satisfaction of both parties.

Instead of incurring the costs of hiring two lawyers to negotiate a settlement, a couple can save money by securing only one - a mediator who provides an unbiased legal opinion and who works to help people settle matters related to property division, custody, and support. At the Law Offices of Douglas J. Wells, I provide a comfortable environment in which to reach a mutually beneficial agreement.

A Collaborative Approach

Sometimes matters of complexity arise that require more assistance. As a mediator and experienced Connecticut dispute resolution lawyer, I work with specialists in various specialties who provide their expertise to the divorce mediation process.

  • Pension valuators, real estate appraisers, and accountants can be jointly retained to assist with financial matters, property valuation, and distribution issues, and to accomplish settlement while minimizing tax consequences and taking into account retirement accounts and investments.
  • Child development specialists lend clarity to the crafting of workable parenting plans that minimize disruption in childrens lives and make the most of the strengths of each parent.

Connecticut Dispute Resolution Lawyer

I have assisted numerous clients who have chosen mediation and collaboration to settle their divorce matters - clients who have emerged more satisfied for their personal investment in the process, and whose children have been protected from the specter of warring parents. Call 203-622-4455 or e-mail the Law Offices of Douglas J. Wells today if you and your spouse wish to discuss this option with an experienced Greenwich divorce mediation attorney.

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